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The Green Oak Township Fire Department was established in 1966 to provide fire protection and emergency services to the citizens of Green Oak Township. The Department consists of a full time Chief, Deputy Chief, 3 career Firefighters, Fire Marshal, Administrative Assistant, and paid-on-call Firefighters. The paid on call members are residents of the community who volunteer their time and services to respond to emergencies within the Township.

The Department provides emergency service coverage to the Township's residents from three fire stations. The main fire station is Station 81, located at 9384 Whitmore Lake Road, just north of Silver Lake Road and west of U.S. 23. This station houses an engine, a ladder truck, a heavy rescue and is home to the Department's Administrative Offices. Station 82 is located at 11411 East Grand River, just west of Pleasant Valley, and houses an engine, a tanker, a rescue truck, and a Gator four wheel drive ATV. Station 83 sits at 9863 Rushton Road, just north of Ten Mile Road, and is home to an engine, a tanker, a rescue truck,  brush truck, and a Zodiac boat. Depending on the severity of the incident, fire apparatus from one, two, or all three stations may be called on to respond. The Department is also a member of the Livingston County and Washtenaw County Mutual Aid Associations, meaning that neighboring fire departments are available to provide assistance as needed, just as the Department is called on, from time to time, to provide assistance to the fire departments in adjoining communities.

The Green Oak Fire Department responded to 1,538 emergencies in 2014. These include fires, motor vehicle accidents (PIAs), medical emergencies, hazardous materials spills, gas leaks, power line incidents and weather related emergencies.

The Green Oak Fire Department upgraded its level of emergency medical services from that of medical first responders to the emergency medical technician (EMT)/basic life support (BLS) level. As no ambulances are stationed within the Township, Green Oak residents rely on two different ambulance providers (both the county service and a private provider), which respond from various locations to incidents in the Township. Offering EMT level services permits the Department to provide more advanced airway management and emergency medical care during those critical minutes before an ambulance arrives. Medical emergencies and vehicle crashes happen most every day, and the Department brings to each response and customer an upgraded level of emergency care.

Emergency Warning (Tornado) Sirens
As part of the 2002 millage request, the Department proposed creating an outdoor emergency warning siren system for the Township, which previously lacked any warning system. By August 1, 2006, the last three of a total of twelve sirens are operational, meaning that every residence and business in Green Oak Township will be within range of an outdoor warning siren. These sirens are tested at 1:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month, April-September. The Department maintains the sirens with a 24 hour monitoring system and has the ability to activate them immediately if a tornado or other emergency requiring sheltering threatens Green Oak Township.

GOFD Run Statistics:

                                                   2013                        2014                                                  
Residential Fires                           14                            7                                                               Contact Info:
Industry/Storage Fires                  4                            2                                                     Station 81
Highway Vehicle Fires                     5                            8                                                     9384 Whitmore Lake Road
Other Vehicles                                0                            0                                                     810-231-3663
Non-structure/Non-vehicle           2                             2
Brush/Grass/Wild Land                 5                             8                                                     Station 82
Rubbish/Dumpster Fires                3                             4                                                     11411 East Grand River
All other fires                                 3                             2                                                     810-227-9238
Emergency Medical Responses   846                         904
False alarms                                 100                         109                                                    Station 83
Mutual Aid (Given)                        76                           74                                                     9863 Rushton Road
Hazmat Responses                       23                             8                                                     248-486-4422
Other Hazardous Responses        49                           82
All other responses                    252                         328
TOTAL:        1,382                     1,538


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